An unusual arty Christian video?

I found this video on You Tube yesterday:

Art video – contains tasteful nudity **adults only please**.

It seems to be about Christianity with references to Eden, loving others and treading the wine press.

Do you think it’s a Christian video?




US Navy Aircrews near miss, can’t have been funny…


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In recently released video, a US Navy mini AWACs aircrew’s extremely nasty moment in their aircraft can be seen very clearly, in what must have been their scariest day in quite a while: this happened earlier this year when a landing cable snapped, on the flight deck, and they nearly had a dive to catastrophe and a nasty end to their service, – and time on this earth.

Maybe they’ve had s few drinks in a bar since – and a word with who ever checked the landing cable was set up right, to say look more carefully next time please, but for a few moments  they must have thought ‘rude words’ maybe of some magnitude – or maybe not.

Thanks to the BBC News and US Navy for this remarkable video, watch and see – your heart maybe in your mouth for them…

The coolest head on the ocean? Pilots remarkable recovery from near catastrophe…

A round of applause at least may be due for the pilot – or pilots… Maybe one day they’ll find it kind of funny.

Carry on, it’s only a seagull in the cockpit.


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I came across this article on BBC News today, which after a bit of gasp, left me with rather more of a raucous laugh…

The two British helicopter flying fans  had a rather nasty high speed scare and ground-ward plunge when at around 200 mph the said said wayward seagull, decided on a head to head meeting at around 1500 feet, with said helicopter, presumably as the pilot had not gained flight clearance from the seagull’s personal ‘flock  air traffic controller’…

Result?  Have a look and see :      :o)

BBC News Air to Air Seagull Collision Video

And in the end there is a life  in the freezer for one of those involved  – and a bit of a stuffing.

(Copyright, this article only of The Author, original article or course remains copyright of BBC News no doubt and who ever’s film it is.)

Nude swimming in winter mountain lakes?


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I came across this lady’s unusual pastime this evening, of swimming nude in Welsh mountain lakes- even in winter with snow laying…“>Bluehue ‘nude swimming’ film website

Which is her website says “A short film about the joys of year round naked swimming in the mountain lakes of Snowdonia, N.Wales. Filmed, produced and swam by Natasha Brooks.

Brooks is an artist and photographer.

The original story I found was here:

Thanks to for this story link

Seems very beautiful and maybe a fun pass time, but I can’t imagine that freezing lake water seeming too funny.

Thank you Tasha  Brookes for that award winning video, quite beautiful if cold looking….


GP’s paid in the UK not to make hospital referrals? Doesn’t sound funny to me…


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I heard of this story a few months ago, on seeing a headline in the press on the front page of another newspaper, which read in a way that said in so many words, that hospitals have been paying GPs in the UK financial bonuses to refer less people to local hospitals – in other words they seem to have been offering more money to GP’s to reduce work coming in and so one can only presume save the hospitals money and maybe reduce waiting lists… Does that sound ethical to you?

After a recent visit to a local GP I was left rather unimpressed by getting a more than reasonable requewhite-doctor-coat public domain website downloadst for a referral of sorts that was quite necessary to say the least turned down in a rather unjustifiable fashion that left me first surprised and wondering – which was enough to get me out of the door, only to get gradually more and more annoyed later as I new I hadn’t really been told the truth, knowing the facts of the matter well enough and based on past experiences.

I decided to do a little web research on the topic of doctors being paid not to make referrals and my first web search came up with this rather detailed article on the subject of GP’s seemingly being asked not to make early referrals – or reduce them for patients who might have cancer… Not good if correct. It’s only a few months old.

Some doctors are indeed arguing that this practice is unethical including doctors from the GMC and Royal College of GP’s saying it’s unethical and unacceptable in different ways. Still appears from this article it has been going on:

Is it going on in other areas of medicine too in the UK? Surely this can’t be good, can it? Not funny, it seems to me, can you think of anyone who might be laughing? I had heard that some in the UK consider GP practices are now run like businesses – but to make a profit in this way? Would doing so be ethical? The GMC seem to think not for one group anyway…

Thanks to The – feel free to send me your comments or experiences and if suitable I’ll put them on this blog.

An unusually weird mask…


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monster-mask.jpgHere’s a really unusual ‘naturally’ created thing : a remarkable picture of something some hornets made up, from a seemingly forgotten party item – rather memorable maybe…

A haunting hornets nest mask… Really We e e e i r e d.

Thanks to news and the person who took it Joe Roberts ‎(@JosephMkRoberts on Twitter)

Hornets in the garden anyone? Leave out some fun household items and see what they do with it…. (And then call you’re local pest controller and get a hornet proof suit while you’re at it plus some extra strong fly spray :o) )

Chased by a bear and you didn’t know it?


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This weird news from is well worth a look…’Kelly’ from somewhere or other not named, minds her own business having fun in the snow, somewhere high up a hill or mountain in Japan, with plenty of cold and snow around.

Take a look at this usual video selfie

Chased by a bear when snowboarding (

Will her seflie video give her nightmares? (Or will  fees from the video sales make here year I wonder?

Maybe she’ll by a new snowboard, or by a surfboard instead for Bondi Beach ;o)

They don’t get bears on the beach there, but they do get these…. :

Shark jumps on to a surfers board, Bondi Beach… (From, thanks to them.)

Thank you  and to you Kelly too!

Oh you naughty lion, weren’t you in church on Sunday?

It’s not that unusual for some preachers to challenge Christians to step out in faith: I recall one preacher – Simon Guilleabaud, making such a challenge for trusting God in taking risks of faith for ‘The Kingdom’ quite powerfully, something about putting oneself ‘on the alter of The Lord’ I seem to remember, but he did hint at the possible risks I think. (While memorable it wasn’t that great a preach, so I can’t recall the words better than that- sorry Simon ;o)  ). Meanwhile some other preachers do imply that God’s protection is mighty in the world, perhaps quoting things like Psalm 27 ( which maybe worth a Google for that if you don’t have a Bible around :o) ), to show how much God can protect people in this earthly world mysteriously, though most of us rarely actually see any sign of Him around at all, let alone seeing Him appearing in clouds of Glory – or on a Chariot of Fire like Old testament prophet Elijah, to come to our rescue in some time of real danger…

Well as news reports here, some people of Christian faith have greater faith:

Thanks to Metro news for the story – was it a problem of his theology do you think?

Perhaps it was some deeper spiritual issue (maybe he needed to read one of those books on deliverance from demons etc , or was he drinking too much wine on his safari tour? It does not say that in the article in fairness, but such thoughts inevitably arise when thinking of what he did.

Any thoughts on his Scriptural errors anyone? Do send in your comments…

Being bitten in the rear, does sound rather lucky really, compared to what he might have suffered.


Breast feeding storm at Christmas….with Santa

I came across this in the news in the last few days…Another storm over breast feeding openly – this time in Canada in this Christmas season….

Breast feeding storm involving Santa…

The poor loving unabashed mum ended up getting a lot of unChristmas like behavior on Facebook when the picture was posted to promote breast feeding – usually the healthiest way to feed babies and not yet done enough in some western countries, including I think Canada and the UK.

I think Santa’s expression of surprise makes it a funny and beautiful photo, along with mother and baby feeding at mum’s breast. It’s ironic that at the time Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, that Christians often refer to ‘love come down’ and so more freedom too love and surely are supposed to have come to this often mean and miserable planet, (and yes I know hou may say – but not from the bl*!dy Christians bunch of hypocrites !) that this mother has been given a very hard time for being loving.

Breast feeding when a baby needs it is loving and nothing to be ashamed of, but this lady got a very unkind reaction from too many for acting in an open loving way.

You might disagree, but stopping her doing so is oppression – in the manner of manny oppressive political regimes we have heard of causing so much harm to people around the world – and it is a funny photo too. Shame so many out there don’t seem to have a funny sense of humour. ;o)

A Christian Pastor with 2 wives – aged 44 and 19..?


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I came across this story yesterday evening – yes about a “Christian Pastor” aged 60 who has one wife already aged 44 – and who has gone public on just marrying another young woman aged 19 – who is pregnant with his child:

60 year old Christian Pastor marries 19 year old pregnant girfriend as his second wife

It appears he got the young woman pregnant before marriage from the story and that his 1st wife aged 44 is more than happy for this young woman to join the family and become like a sister to her and share her husband.

The pastor confesses on video to having previously been imprisoned for a life of crime and that while in prison he found God. On leaving prison, he became a pastor of a church and has since had a number of grand children already.

He seems to live ‘charmed’ life in terms of gaing a large family if that isn’t an unChristian word and while the Bible in truth does not specify how many wives a man can have, (St Paul Argues only one should be allowed but Paul isn’t God in fairness ) presumably he lives in a State where it isn’t against the law in the USA. Presumably and ex convict there is smart enough not to get caught and end up in  prison again?

I wonder how his church congregation feel? Presumably they at least help pay for his family to live – unless he has another line fo business to support his large family? Clearly as you’ll see, some of the public in the video who were asked don’t entirely approve… And he doesn’t seem to be a Mormon from what is said.