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In recently released video, a US Navy mini AWACs aircrew’s extremely nasty moment in their aircraft can be seen very clearly, in what must have been their scariest day in quite a while: this happened earlier this year when a landing cable snapped, on the flight deck, and they nearly had a dive to catastrophe and a nasty end to their service, – and time on this earth.

Maybe they’ve had s few drinks in a bar since – and a word with who ever checked the landing cable was set up right, to say look more carefully next time please, but for a few moments  they must have thought ‘rude words’ maybe of some magnitude – or maybe not.

Thanks to the BBC News and US Navy for this remarkable video, watch and see – your heart maybe in your mouth for them…

The coolest head on the ocean? Pilots remarkable recovery from near catastrophe…

A round of applause at least may be due for the pilot – or pilots… Maybe one day they’ll find it kind of funny.