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I came across this article on BBC News today, which after a bit of gasp, left me with rather more of a raucous laugh…

The two British helicopter flying fans  had a rather nasty high speed scare and ground-ward plunge when at around 200 mph the said said wayward seagull, decided on a head to head meeting at around 1500 feet, with said helicopter, presumably as the pilot had not gained flight clearance from the seagull’s personal ‘flock  air traffic controller’…

Result?  Have a look and see :      :o)

BBC News Air to Air Seagull Collision Video

And in the end there is a life  in the freezer for one of those involved  – and a bit of a stuffing.

(Copyright, this article only of The Author, original article or course remains copyright of BBC News no doubt and who ever’s film it is.)