Funny Food Review – BirdsEye Chicken Korma with rice £1.75


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Last night I was shopping for a few things locally, and came across ‘BirdsEye Chicken Korma with Rice’ frozen meals for one. I wonder where they got the name “BirdsEye’ from for their food business – was it selling birds eyes as a delicacy food in frozen meal trays in times past as a business start up?

Did the birds eyes die out as a product line due to complaints from bird lovers?

Or was it just that they thought -‘the birds know where to find the best food’ so we’ll go with that…?

I think they started with deep sea fish actually – sold frozen – and moved onto frozen peas too (not sea based sources I imagine ;o)  ) so maybe they followed the birds out at sea to find the best fish shoals to haul up in their Birdseye fishing nets?

Anyway, Chicken Korma does not normally get caught out at sea in nets but where ever they sourced it from (India?) it’s actually a nice tasty fun little meal and reasonably priced:
Compared to some of the main supermarket meals it is rather better value and pretty simply put together and a nice, tasty, enjoyable little meal. The Korma curry sauce and chicken go well together, mildly spiced and are not too sweet, and the yellow long gained rice was very nice – though a little more in the pack would have been nice. Still I’ve seen less in some ready meals!

I didn’t see much of the fresh green parsley(?) or was it coriander (?), on the Korma that was in the picture on the packet, but I think it was in there in small amounts.

It seems to be low in sugar and in salt according to the packet – and low in fat too.  So not to bad nutritionally – fairly healthy hopefully. And of course being a “korma’ it doesn’t blow your head off – or the rest of you as a fahl or a vindaloo might well do. ;oD

The pack also is marked “Forever Food Together’ – which the label says means due to a commitment to a sustainable future by responsibly sourcing and preparing the meals they make, plus contributing to a balanced diet and reducing food waste. Which does sound a good way to do things surely. It’s labelled ‘no artificial sweeteners or flavors’ – and it did taste quite ‘clean’ in that way – no tastes of aspartame that I could tell! ;o)

Most of the packaging is marked as recyclable – apart from the plastic ‘see through meal tray film’ – maybe hard to do still? It does get sticky and hard to clean so maybe that’s not easy anyway.

In summary, an enjoyable reasonably priced, tasty small meal, that kept me going for the evening, cheered me up with it’s nice clean flavors and seems quite healthy. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5 ****1/2


An Embarrassing Performance for The Audience…?

I came across an article this last day or so, about the recent Edinburgh Festival and some unusual stage performances or two – not that that is unusual in itself during the festival I gather from its reputation: it’s full of the stuff – weird and wonderful performances I hear. Colourful piccies of paint covered naked pictures included.

The article tells of a few unusual naked stage performances of different kinds that – in the rather normally conservative ISTJ/ESTJ -ish culture we have here (See Myers-Briggs via Google if I lost you :o) ) which imposes that everything should be done in a certain organised and timetabled, inoffensive including the wearing of clothes except usually in exceptional circumstances like needing to take all your clothes off for a doctors exam – or maybe a naked ‘streak’ prior to arrest across the playing field at a major national sports event – would very likely leave many of the audience rather hot and embarrassed I fear. (It would me I’m sure.)

Have a look: …. a show where the good looking young adults gradually shed their clothes in front of the audience and begin throwing coloured paint over each other in various colours until they are stark naked. Nice. Sounds kind of fun but embarrassing for all concerned!

However it’s is about people not being bound by shame over their nakedness in front of others imposed by society values and to gain a time of liberation and fun in nakedness freed from the bondage culture imposes. Interesting. A Garden of Eden re-enactment with poster paints thrown in? Not sure I could do it but I do take their point. I wonder how I would have coped with watching the show let alone being involved though. Maybe something like a live Jackson Pollock picture with the painters assistants having a nudist paint fight maybe. Pictures take for the wall afterwards and your picture paintings done – Jackson. Might be upset about the waste of oil paints though. (And maybe an A & E / ER visit needed to get the stuff off! ;o)

Anyway – this act was said to be inspired by a woman – “artist Shoshana Stern, who developed a project where she got strangers who were uncomfortable with nudity in social situations to go into a room, take off their clothes and throw paint at each other as a way of liberating themselves. “Wow I guess that’s a service to the public. (Mind you Edinburgh might be pretty chill for it.)

Shoshana Stern’ website linked into the articles is here: – and the explanatory ‘about part:!about/c139r – which includes it seems even more of such fun and you may think mayhem…. If nudity makes you over anxious – don’t look – but the paint does make it a tad less intense shall we say bare flesh wise. No less embarrassing with what their up to though you might think.

Two other nude performances are included and I’ll mention this interesting lady ‘Adrienne Truscott, ‘ a ‘comedian who made waves at the same festival last year by telling rape jokes wearing no clothes on her bottom half, (presumably to draw attention to the crime in a darkly humorous ‘don’t put up with it way – and good luck to her for using what she can to campaign against it – even if I would have been too embarrassed to watch! She further explored issues of discomfort UK society has with nudity it tells us.

Well, there’s no doubt nudity remains a potentially explosive issue when seen as offensive in some parts of the world and inappropriate – and in the UK it often seems at least a cause of high stress. Some is quite understandable – ‘flashers’ clearly needing the full force of the law – while those who want to practice safe naturism might fear ridicule by some others who would disapprove such as unsympathetic colleagues or neighbours.

All I can say is naturism seems rather genteel after reading about these performances – but it is a free-ish country and – I guess if you were there these would be performances you wouldn’t forget – especially if you had trouble scrubbing the pain off thrown around the whole place when you got home. Crumbs.

Happy Edinburgh Festival Fringe trips all – maybe take some waterproofs with you when you go and welly boots to keep you clothes clean – unless you want to throw them all off and join in of course. Presumably it wouldn’t count a ‘streak’ on such occasions and a resulting police van ride into custody…? Unless maybe a passing policeman got hit with some flying paint of course. Could end in tears then I guess. ;o

Trapped teen saved by bum wriggle and Siri iphone app…


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This story on BBC News has a few things to make one smile wryly… A teenager working under a car ends up getting rescued from a potentially lethal accident by a wriggle of his bum to activate an iphone voice app that enables him ‘hands free’ to call for help…

Extraordinary indeed – have a read :

…Not being a great fan of iphones personally – due to the- to me- too high margins the makers and networks seem to make from them all the time; the lack of a keyboard and – are they true (?) – tales of data being farmed somehow from users iphones unknowingly?
(Do let me know anyone who knows if that’s true or not.)
But this story, if true, shows they do have some remarkable technology in them – even life saving stuff.

Mind you all mobile phones have that potential – just not usually by being able to wriggle your bum to activate a phone call hands free to call the emergency services when your hands, arms and body are trapped and your at risk of an early departure from life upward (or maybe downward! ;o)

Another shocking sink hole springs up – or is it down? This time it’s Brooklyn, New York…


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This appeared in the BBC news in the last 8 hours or so: a massive sink hole in Brooklyn, New york…

Did it fall into the New York Underground? Is it a result of man made mess this time? You have to think so with where it is… Brooklyn wasn’t built on quicksand was it? (Unlike Christ Church, New Zealand -okay maybe that was swamp land.)

Any sprung up – or rather appeared – near you lately?

Tennis player’s surprising Catholic history – of getting naked in public….


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I was watching the UK Eastbourne ladies tennis final on Saturday and happened to Google the 2 lady finalists to see more of who there were…One was Belinda Bencic and the other Agnieszka Radwanska – but,  I ended up with some photo’s and news articles that funnily enough I wasn’t expecting: having been talking in recent posts of the issue of nakedess and nudity being a real mixed issue in societies worldwide – like the ‘Free The Nipple’ campaign causing a stir – and meeting a young female Saudi nudist recently (!) I then found the following…

Eastboure Tennis finalist – and Polish Catholic young woman Agnieszka Radwanska – aged about 26 I think – has been seen to have posed nude with some tennis balls in relation to a magazine invite. Very good she looks too without her tennis whites on.

Well, young and beautiful as she is, it’s hardly pornography. No pubic hair is revealed, just her beautiful tanned healthy body, top to toe – not even any nipples are seen – not that they are offensive to many these days – and she is smiling too… One shot that showed up had her nude by a swimming pool; one nude floating in a pool on a lino bed – and one swinging a golf club nude (unusual but not illegal – and maybe a typical naturist thing)… Here are some links to them and the news article:

It seems that despite her being a professed ‘believer’, the Catholic leaders concerned decided to expell her, from the youth organisation – no ‘trial’ or chance to answer them for what she’d done – which isn’t exactly illegal in most western countries.

Well smiling as she is and happy and clearly bodily very fit in the photographs – I  noticed this was 2 years ago by the way – though not news I had seen back then. The funny thing here is it seems, getting to tennis finals as she is now and still looking pretty on a tennis court, playing very well – and of course fully clothed – well – urm minimally clothed as ladies playing tennis often are in tournaments these days, I think I know who got the last laugh…. Radwanska – I’m sure – who is still winning prize money and looking healthy. Well done you Agnieszka.

I would guess she woudl support ‘Free The Nipple’, and is probably more free of religious stupidity and constrictions than she was 2 years ago. No one heckled her at the tennis tournament , well done to her….Shame you only cane second! ;o)

‘Free The Nipple’ ….Funnily enough there’s a film about it I just found out…


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I came across this artile the other day, about  the ‘Free The Nipple’ campaign :

It’s worth a read and points out there’s a film about it which  haven’t seen but there’s a trailer website about it here….

See also

The funny fact to come out of these web artciles is that 75 years ago, men in the USA had to campaign through the courts for the same freedom…Funny old world. In europe meanwhile nudist beaches seem to keep spreading – at least they are ‘co-ed’ as I think Americans would say and kind of equal…. Do they have naturist areas in all states in the USA I wonder? I did read of some Christian nudist/naturist resorts somewhere in the USA – but can’t recall where…

Funnily enough,  actually heard there’s a nudist beach somewhere near Jeddah in Saudi Arabia – mainly used by tourists. I guess the nipple is free there too anyway…! I’d never have guessed it in a strict place like Saudi Arabia… 😯

Where have I heard this before …. Kentucky Fried Rat? Or was it mice….?


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I seem to remember hearing of this somewhere before in the UK… Is it the way they do it?

Maybe it was one of these stories? :

What can you say when you see pictures like this? Hope it won’t be you that gets caught with something like that in your KFC or some other take away… Reminds me of those tales of cat’s disappearing into certain restaurant kitchens of Eastern ethnic origins in place of chicken – but in that case how would you know :o/ … Happy eating – most likely at home for a while ! :oD

Undercarriage stowaways Johannesburg to London on BA – not funny….

I’ve heard of a few of these and they are not funny at all – though I kind of laughed in shock this morning when the BBC News showed this story when they told of a body being found on an office block roof…

It seems like one foolish stowaway fell onto a business building roof and was slowly discovered by the occupants, while another from the same aircraft was found after landing almost dead by groundstaff at the airport. If the stowaway risk taker does survive, presumably the UK Border Agency will be collecting him from the hospital and putting him on a (free?) flight home…. Unless of course he had a passport and visa and was just doing a radical fare dodge… Maybe they should have an ad. campaign for undercarriage stowaway prevention ‘ it’s not worth it ‘ – with a few pictures of the gruesome landings that follow… Or maybe not!

Here again from CNN are some that seemed to succeed –

And this teen may have succeeded only by getting some lasting body and brain damage :

On balance saving up for the fair is probably more comfortable. I wouldn’t suggest Googling for pictures on these kinds of story ….

Nudists cause earthquake – allegedly…..


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Some tourists posing nude on a mountain not many days ago in Malaysia are being blamed for causing an earth quake – by local authorities – which killed 18 climbers when it occurred… Some of them have since been arrested and face court , while the others are being sought for prosecution…. How weird is this?

Two of the news stories are these on the web right now: (includes video news)

By the way, while hearing about this I also heard there is a nudist beach in – normally very conservative – Saudi Arabia – near to or in Jeddah …. I’d never have believed this except I learned it from an attractive young Saudi woman who knows of it…. Things are changing here and there with attitudes to nudity it seems.

As you will have picked up from the Huff Post article, – a trend of posing nude at tourist attractions worldwide seems to have started – followed by posting them on the internet for all to see 😯 …. It seems however many cultures find it disrespectful – though many people seem to find it funny too.

Quite how being nude on a mountain – rather like Neolithic/prehistoric man may have been – could cause an earthquake I think many of us would kind of doubt rather: crumbs it doesn’t hurt anyone physically and there can’t have been many to see surely at the top of a mountain? Or was there a nearby audience unmentioned in the news I’ve seen?

Well one thing’s for sure, the tourists arrested don’t find it funny now, but I wonder if Malaysians will be impacted by others around the world being rather sceptical about this holiday open air nakedness causing an earthquake?

It’s not that often nakedness makes the earth move is it really? – Okay, don’t send me your stories :oD…

One more version of this story to end with – and be careful where you get naked (if you do!) ;o)

Doctors errors – not really funny….But a woman survived long after thankfully in this one on BBC Radio 5 Live

This last day or so I heard this lady called Florentine’s cancer story by chance …. She phoned in to BBC Radio 5 Live at about 3.35pm on 08th June (2015) – which can be listened to again here – (though maybe not in all countries I’m afraid):

In the mid 1970’s a lady called Florentine now with many grandchildren – was told she had 6 months to live by a doctor in hospital – due to ovarian/pelvic cancer or something similar….After initial signs of cancer were found and an operation was done by her doctor to try and treat it, the doctor found more evidence of the cancer having spread  and ‘closed the lady up’ without trying to deal with it. It was late summer/early autumn by the sound of it. She was told she had 6 months to live and also told ‘I expect you to be here at Xmas but not at Easter…’

That was it – no further advice or hope of recovery or suggestions for any treatment. Florentine however very wisely asked the doctor for a referral to a doctor at Christies hospital – and this was thankfully done.

( I think that must be this one

There a doctor there began trial treatment which was expected expected to last 2 years. However Florentine was better and fully well in 18 months – and treatment was stopped.

Now 40 years on she is a grandmother and has many grandchildren and has had good health since from what she says – certainly good enough to last 40 years since her life saving treatment and in spite of the appauling condeming wrong hopeless terminal diagnosis by another doctor who didn’t care to try harder to find a possible cure as she wasn’t up to it…. Shocking how some doctors can behave. She almost condemed the lady to death – by a sloppy attitude.

Florentines parting advice in her phone call to the radio show was also to be positive and seek the support of friends to recover…

In the end an encouraging story and one that shows some megolomaniac doctors can be a complete nightmare for the seriously ill and vulnerable.