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This weird news from Metro.co.uk is well worth a look…’Kelly’ from somewhere or other not named, minds her own business having fun in the snow, somewhere high up a hill or mountain in Japan, with plenty of cold and snow around.

Take a look at this usual video selfie

Chased by a bear when snowboarding (Metro.co.uk)

Will her seflie video give her nightmares? (Or will  fees from the video sales make here year I wonder?

Maybe she’ll by a new snowboard, or by a surfboard instead for Bondi Beach ;o)

They don’t get bears on the beach there, but they do get these…. :

Shark jumps on to a surfers board, Bondi Beach… (From http://www.theguardian.com, thanks to them.)

Thank you Metro.co.uk  and to you Kelly too!