It’s not that unusual for some preachers to challenge Christians to step out in faith: I recall one preacher – Simon Guilleabaud, making such a challenge for trusting God in taking risks of faith for ‘The Kingdom’ quite powerfully, something about putting oneself ‘on the alter of The Lord’ I seem to remember, but he did hint at the possible risks I think. (While memorable it wasn’t that great a preach, so I can’t recall the words better than that- sorry Simon ;o)  ). Meanwhile some other preachers do imply that God’s protection is mighty in the world, perhaps quoting things like Psalm 27 ( which maybe worth a Google for that if you don’t have a Bible around :o) ), to show how much God can protect people in this earthly world mysteriously, though most of us rarely actually see any sign of Him around at all, let alone seeing Him appearing in clouds of Glory – or on a Chariot of Fire like Old testament prophet Elijah, to come to our rescue in some time of real danger…

Well as news reports here, some people of Christian faith have greater faith:

Thanks to Metro news for the story – was it a problem of his theology do you think?

Perhaps it was some deeper spiritual issue (maybe he needed to read one of those books on deliverance from demons etc , or was he drinking too much wine on his safari tour? It does not say that in the article in fairness, but such thoughts inevitably arise when thinking of what he did.

Any thoughts on his Scriptural errors anyone? Do send in your comments…

Being bitten in the rear, does sound rather lucky really, compared to what he might have suffered.