I came across this in the news in the last few days…Another storm over breast feeding openly – this time in Canada in this Christmas season….

Breast feeding storm involving Santa…

The poor loving unabashed mum ended up getting a lot of unChristmas like behavior on Facebook when the picture was posted to promote breast feeding – usually the healthiest way to feed babies and not yet done enough in some western countries, including I think Canada and the UK.

I think Santa’s expression of surprise makes it a funny and beautiful photo, along with mother and baby feeding at mum’s breast. It’s ironic that at the time Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, that Christians often refer to ‘love come down’ and so more freedom too love and surely are supposed to have come to this often mean and miserable planet, (and yes I know hou may say – but not from the bl*!dy Christians bunch of hypocrites !) that this mother has been given a very hard time for being loving.

Breast feeding when a baby needs it is loving and nothing to be ashamed of, but this lady got a very unkind reaction from too many for acting in an open loving way.

You might disagree, but stopping her doing so is oppression – in the manner of manny oppressive political regimes we have heard of causing so much harm to people around the world – and it is a funny photo too. Shame so many out there don’t seem to have a funny sense of humour. ;o)