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I came across this story yesterday evening – yes about a “Christian Pastor” aged 60 who has one wife already aged 44 – and who has gone public on just marrying another young woman aged 19 – who is pregnant with his child:

60 year old Christian Pastor marries 19 year old pregnant girfriend as his second wife

It appears he got the young woman pregnant before marriage from the story and that his 1st wife aged 44 is more than happy for this young woman to join the family and become like a sister to her and share her husband.

The pastor confesses on video to having previously been imprisoned for a life of crime and that while in prison he found God. On leaving prison, he became a pastor of a church and has since had a number of grand children already.

He seems to live ‘charmed’ life in terms of gaing a large family if that isn’t an unChristian word and while the Bible in truth does not specify how many wives a man can have, (St Paul Argues only one should be allowed but Paul isn’t God in fairness ) presumably he lives in a State where it isn’t against the law in the USA. Presumably and ex convict there is smart enough not to get caught and end up in  prison again?

I wonder how his church congregation feel? Presumably they at least help pay for his family to live – unless he has another line fo business to support his large family? Clearly as you’ll see, some of the public in the video who were asked don’t entirely approve… And he doesn’t seem to be a Mormon from what is said.