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Last night I was shopping for a few things locally, and came across ‘BirdsEye Chicken Korma with Rice’ frozen meals for one. I wonder where they got the name “BirdsEye’ from for their food business – was it selling birds eyes as a delicacy food in frozen meal trays in times past as a business start up?

Did the birds eyes die out as a product line due to complaints from bird lovers?

Or was it just that they thought -‘the birds know where to find the best food’ so we’ll go with that…?

I think they started with deep sea fish actually – sold frozen – and moved onto frozen peas too (not sea based sources I imagine ;o)  ) so maybe they followed the birds out at sea to find the best fish shoals to haul up in their Birdseye fishing nets?

Anyway, Chicken Korma does not normally get caught out at sea in nets but where ever they sourced it from (India?) it’s actually a nice tasty fun little meal and reasonably priced:
Compared to some of the main supermarket meals it is rather better value and pretty simply put together and a nice, tasty, enjoyable little meal. The Korma curry sauce and chicken go well together, mildly spiced and are not too sweet, and the yellow long gained rice was very nice – though a little more in the pack would have been nice. Still I’ve seen less in some ready meals!

I didn’t see much of the fresh green parsley(?) or was it coriander (?), on the Korma that was in the picture on the packet, but I think it was in there in small amounts.

It seems to be low in sugar and in salt according to the packet – and low in fat too.  So not to bad nutritionally – fairly healthy hopefully. And of course being a “korma’ it doesn’t blow your head off – or the rest of you as a fahl or a vindaloo might well do. ;oD

The pack also is marked “Forever Food Together’ – which the label says means due to a commitment to a sustainable future by responsibly sourcing and preparing the meals they make, plus contributing to a balanced diet and reducing food waste. Which does sound a good way to do things surely. It’s labelled ‘no artificial sweeteners or flavors’ – and it did taste quite ‘clean’ in that way – no tastes of aspartame that I could tell! ;o)

Most of the packaging is marked as recyclable – apart from the plastic ‘see through meal tray film’ – maybe hard to do still? It does get sticky and hard to clean so maybe that’s not easy anyway.

In summary, an enjoyable reasonably priced, tasty small meal, that kept me going for the evening, cheered me up with it’s nice clean flavors and seems quite healthy. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5 ****1/2