I came across an article this last day or so, about the recent Edinburgh Festival and some unusual stage performances or two – not that that is unusual in itself during the festival I gather from its reputation: it’s full of the stuff – weird and wonderful performances I hear. Colourful piccies of paint covered naked pictures included.

The article tells of a few unusual naked stage performances of different kinds that – in the rather normally conservative ISTJ/ESTJ -ish culture we have here (See Myers-Briggs via Google if I lost you :o) ) which imposes that everything should be done in a certain organised and timetabled, inoffensive including the wearing of clothes except usually in exceptional circumstances like needing to take all your clothes off for a doctors exam – or maybe a naked ‘streak’ prior to arrest across the playing field at a major national sports event – would very likely leave many of the audience rather hot and embarrassed I fear. (It would me I’m sure.)

Have a look: http://www.theguardian.com/stage/2015/aug/09/edinburgh-festival-liberation-naked-people-throw-paint-modern-life-stress …. a show where the good looking young adults gradually shed their clothes in front of the audience and begin throwing coloured paint over each other in various colours until they are stark naked. Nice. Sounds kind of fun but embarrassing for all concerned!

However it’s is about people not being bound by shame over their nakedness in front of others imposed by society values and to gain a time of liberation and fun in nakedness freed from the bondage culture imposes. Interesting. A Garden of Eden re-enactment with poster paints thrown in? Not sure I could do it but I do take their point. I wonder how I would have coped with watching the show let alone being involved though. Maybe something like a live Jackson Pollock picture with the painters assistants having a nudist paint fight maybe. Pictures take for the wall afterwards and your picture paintings done – Jackson. Might be upset about the waste of oil paints though. (And maybe an A & E / ER visit needed to get the stuff off! ;o)

Anyway – this act was said to be inspired by a woman – “artist Shoshana Stern, who developed a project where she got strangers who were uncomfortable with nudity in social situations to go into a room, take off their clothes and throw paint at each other as a way of liberating themselves. “Wow I guess that’s a service to the public. (Mind you Edinburgh might be pretty chill for it.)

Shoshana Stern’ website linked into the articles is here: http://www.theliberationproject.info/ – and the explanatory ‘about part: http://www.theliberationproject.info/#!about/c139r – which includes it seems even more of such fun and you may think mayhem…. If nudity makes you over anxious – don’t look – but the paint does make it a tad less intense shall we say bare flesh wise. No less embarrassing with what their up to though you might think.

Two other nude performances are included and I’ll mention this interesting lady ‘Adrienne Truscott, ‘ a ‘comedian who made waves at the same festival last year by telling rape jokes wearing no clothes on her bottom half, (presumably to draw attention to the crime in a darkly humorous ‘don’t put up with it way – and good luck to her for using what she can to campaign against it – even if I would have been too embarrassed to watch! She further explored issues of discomfort UK society has with nudity it tells us.

Well, there’s no doubt nudity remains a potentially explosive issue when seen as offensive in some parts of the world and inappropriate – and in the UK it often seems at least a cause of high stress. Some is quite understandable – ‘flashers’ clearly needing the full force of the law – while those who want to practice safe naturism might fear ridicule by some others who would disapprove such as unsympathetic colleagues or neighbours.

All I can say is naturism seems rather genteel after reading about these performances – but it is a free-ish country and – I guess if you were there these would be performances you wouldn’t forget – especially if you had trouble scrubbing the pain off thrown around the whole place when you got home. Crumbs.

Happy Edinburgh Festival Fringe trips all – maybe take some waterproofs with you when you go and welly boots to keep you clothes clean – unless you want to throw them all off and join in of course. Presumably it wouldn’t count a ‘streak’ on such occasions and a resulting police van ride into custody…? Unless maybe a passing policeman got hit with some flying paint of course. Could end in tears then I guess. ;o