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This story on BBC News has a few things to make one smile wryly… A teenager working under a car ends up getting rescued from a potentially lethal accident by a wriggle of his bum to activate an iphone voice app that enables him ‘hands free’ to call for help…

Extraordinary indeed – have a read :


…Not being a great fan of iphones personally – due to the- to me- too high margins the makers and networks seem to make from them all the time; the lack of a keyboard and – are they true (?) – tales of data being farmed somehow from users iphones unknowingly?
(Do let me know anyone who knows if that’s true or not.)
But this story, if true, shows they do have some remarkable technology in them – even life saving stuff.

Mind you all mobile phones have that potential – just not usually by being able to wriggle your bum to activate a phone call hands free to call the emergency services when your hands, arms and body are trapped and your at risk of an early departure from life upward (or maybe downward! ;o)