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I was watching the UK Eastbourne ladies tennis final on Saturday and happened to Google the 2 lady finalists to see more of who there were…One was Belinda Bencic and the other Agnieszka Radwanska – but,  I ended up with some photo’s and news articles that funnily enough I wasn’t expecting: having been talking in recent posts of the issue of nakedess and nudity being a real mixed issue in societies worldwide – like the ‘Free The Nipple’ campaign causing a stir – and meeting a young female Saudi nudist recently (!) I then found the following…

Eastboure Tennis finalist – and Polish Catholic young woman Agnieszka Radwanska – aged about 26 I think – has been seen to have posed nude with some tennis balls in relation to a magazine invite. Very good she looks too without her tennis whites on.

Well, young and beautiful as she is, it’s hardly pornography. No pubic hair is revealed, just her beautiful tanned healthy body, top to toe – not even any nipples are seen – not that they are offensive to many these days – and she is smiling too… One shot that showed up had her nude by a swimming pool; one nude floating in a pool on a lino bed – and one swinging a golf club nude (unusual but not illegal – and maybe a typical naturist thing)… Here are some links to them and the news article:



It seems that despite her being a professed ‘believer’, the Catholic leaders concerned decided to expell her, from the youth organisation – no ‘trial’ or chance to answer them for what she’d done – which isn’t exactly illegal in most western countries.

Well smiling as she is and happy and clearly bodily very fit in the photographs – I  noticed this was 2 years ago by the way – though not news I had seen back then. The funny thing here is it seems, getting to tennis finals as she is now and still looking pretty on a tennis court, playing very well – and of course fully clothed – well – urm minimally clothed as ladies playing tennis often are in tournaments these days, I think I know who got the last laugh…. Radwanska – I’m sure – who is still winning prize money and looking healthy. Well done you Agnieszka.

I would guess she woudl support ‘Free The Nipple’, and is probably more free of religious stupidity and constrictions than she was 2 years ago. No one heckled her at the tennis tournament , well done to her….Shame you only cane second! ;o)