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I came across this artile the other day, about  the ‘Free The Nipple’ campaign :


It’s worth a read and points out there’s a film about it which  haven’t seen but there’s a trailer website about it here…. http://freethenipple.com/

See also http://freethenipple.com/what-is-free-the-nipple/

The funny fact to come out of these web artciles is that 75 years ago, men in the USA had to campaign through the courts for the same freedom…Funny old world. In europe meanwhile nudist beaches seem to keep spreading – at least they are ‘co-ed’ as I think Americans would say and kind of equal…. Do they have naturist areas in all states in the USA I wonder? I did read of some Christian nudist/naturist resorts somewhere in the USA – but can’t recall where…

Funnily enough,  actually heard there’s a nudist beach somewhere near Jeddah in Saudi Arabia – mainly used by tourists. I guess the nipple is free there too anyway…! I’d never have guessed it in a strict place like Saudi Arabia… 😯