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Some tourists posing nude on a mountain not many days ago in Malaysia are being blamed for causing an earth quake – by local authorities – which killed 18 climbers when it occurred… Some of them have since been arrested and face court , while the others are being sought for prosecution…. How weird is this?

Two of the news stories are these on the web right now:


http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/canadians-in-nude-mountain-photo-case-to-remain-in-malaysian-jail/article24893434/ (includes video news)

By the way, while hearing about this I also heard there is a nudist beach in – normally very conservative – Saudi Arabia – near to or in Jeddah …. I’d never have believed this except I learned it from an attractive young Saudi woman who knows of it…. Things are changing here and there with attitudes to nudity it seems.

As you will have picked up from the Huff Post article, – a trend of posing nude at tourist attractions worldwide seems to have started – followed by posting them on the internet for all to see 😯 …. It seems however many cultures find it disrespectful – though many people seem to find it funny too.

Quite how being nude on a mountain – rather like Neolithic/prehistoric man may have been – could cause an earthquake I think many of us would kind of doubt rather: crumbs it doesn’t hurt anyone physically and there can’t have been many to see surely at the top of a mountain? Or was there a nearby audience unmentioned in the news I’ve seen?

Well one thing’s for sure, the tourists arrested don’t find it funny now, but I wonder if Malaysians will be impacted by others around the world being rather sceptical about this holiday open air nakedness causing an earthquake?

It’s not that often nakedness makes the earth move is it really? – Okay, don’t send me your stories :oD…

One more version of this story to end with – and be careful where you get naked (if you do!) ;o) http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/09/foreigner-arrested-malaysians-blame-nude-mountain-pictures-for-earthquake