This last day or so I heard this lady called Florentine’s cancer story by chance …. She phoned in to BBC Radio 5 Live at about 3.35pm on 08th June (2015) – which can be listened to again here – (though maybe not in all countries I’m afraid):

In the mid 1970’s a lady called Florentine now with many grandchildren – was told she had 6 months to live by a doctor in hospital – due to ovarian/pelvic cancer or something similar….After initial signs of cancer were found and an operation was done by her doctor to try and treat it, the doctor found more evidence of the cancer having spread  and ‘closed the lady up’ without trying to deal with it. It was late summer/early autumn by the sound of it. She was told she had 6 months to live and also told ‘I expect you to be here at Xmas but not at Easter…’

That was it – no further advice or hope of recovery or suggestions for any treatment. Florentine however very wisely asked the doctor for a referral to a doctor at Christies hospital – and this was thankfully done.

( I think that must be this one

There a doctor there began trial treatment which was expected expected to last 2 years. However Florentine was better and fully well in 18 months – and treatment was stopped.

Now 40 years on she is a grandmother and has many grandchildren and has had good health since from what she says – certainly good enough to last 40 years since her life saving treatment and in spite of the appauling condeming wrong hopeless terminal diagnosis by another doctor who didn’t care to try harder to find a possible cure as she wasn’t up to it…. Shocking how some doctors can behave. She almost condemed the lady to death – by a sloppy attitude.

Florentines parting advice in her phone call to the radio show was also to be positive and seek the support of friends to recover…

In the end an encouraging story and one that shows some megolomaniac doctors can be a complete nightmare for the seriously ill and vulnerable.