I came across this little article too at the Huffington Post, which widens the Free The Nipple campaign – to women’s under arm hair too – pointing out that some women dye thier under arm hair too to look better – which is fair enough really of course. Scout in the article obviously want’s to be ‘au naturel’ in various ways which is all good too, it just makes you wonder if this is heading to more ‘rights’ of total public nudity without people being allowed – or bothered to be offended… Feeling safe naked of course is another matter.


Lower down the article you can see – ironically – a still of a video re Miley Cyrus joing the campaign to Free The Nipple by going topless on video – ironically with her nipple shown as pixelled out…. Above her sit several women not so .

Is this something that will going full circle eventually, as things seem to fashion wise in various places ….?

Back in times long ag,o people going around stark naked was quite common historians tell us – such as in Roman, Greek and Ancient British times – pre Christianity… Christians have been against nudity it seems historically – though you can now find groups of Christian Naturists today if you look around a bit e.g.: http://www.naturist-christians.org/

I wonder what other groups will spring up kind of like Free The Nipple and that last lot mentioned? Communist naturists? Republican Naturists for Free The Nipple USA? Let me know if you know any unusual ones to mention! ;o)