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When it comes to people campaigning about equal rights, human rights and things like that, you would think that in the free parts of the world that at least people would have the chance to expressed their views without getting abused… It seems from a quick look at this article that sadly some lovely young women have been getting ‘trolled’ and abused online for doing just that – not awfully gentlemanly of those males involved really, I would have thought… Oh well, maybe they will be tracked down one by one for laws broken in particular countries – thankfully that does happen I hear…

Here’s one article I quite liked reading:


It’s just a bit shocking how such lovely young women – who aren’t exactly built like warriors or living in heavily defended fortresses get such awful abuse for sharing who they are in a beautiful open way…

Will be coming back to Free the Nipple some more I’m sure. Interesting campaign for equality for women… Sadly not always a funny one ! ;o/