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This Aussie golfer may have forgotten to put his contact lenses in – or maybe just wasn’t too on the golfing ball…


Result – a small nip on the leg from an similarly sleepy crocodile who was either a bit of a croc minnow, or didn’t find the retired Aussie golfer too tasty… How did our bitten pal down under otherwise avoid a good deep water rolling and munching down under – under the water ? Isn’t that what croc’s usually do to sleepy passers by – on the gold course…?

Maybe he was both unlucky and lucky – as well as being too sleepy on his round past a croc infested body of water.

I presume booking for rounds at the course there won’t be on the up from other than Aussie locals who are used to crocs having a little nip as you pitch and put your way round the gold course ! ;O)