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This story from the BBC is a bit of a gobsmacker… For one thing I had no idea lorries carted around large vats of warm heated chocolate between countries and secondly I had no idea people might actually try hiding in the hot sticky tasty stuff to get over the English Channel …


It was a bit of a close call for the naughty people who gave it a go, the lot of them nearly had an unusual kind of liquid burial. At least it would have been a high quality tasty way to go…

What happened to the shoes? Were they found ? What happened  to the chocolate…? Will your Easter eggs be made of the left overs…? Watchout for bit of Syrian shoe leather in your chocolate eggs and maybe other chocolate foodie treats in the coming months – chocolate lasts a while… Presumably not too tasty or flavoursome but you never know…  Extra Easter Middle Eastern flavour? Maybe appropriate for the originating part of the world that the Easter season came from… Could it turn up in next Christmases chocolate box  and cracker gifts too?