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I came across this article today and it reminded me oF a shocking experience I had this last year or so…. A well known – household name – services company contracted to look after my heating system made a right mess with 4 visits when something went wrong…. I was left with 2 gas leaks and a number of areas of damage inside the sealed unit – as were eventually identified by the manufacturer’s own engineer when they were finally called out by said company to sort out the dangerous mess….

This video shows what could have happened in my little neighbourhood…Thanks to the Express Newspaper…


These kind of things come up in the news every so often – a couple of houses or more in a pile or rubble and maybe some bodies buried or lucky people pulled out afterwards by emergency services. showing how such gas explosions happened afterwards can’t be easy – where is the evidence going to be found ..? Would it be found at all…? How many were down to just sloppy/bad heating or gas engineers…? Just a thought… Who would know? My guess is some would be tracked down as responsible  – but not all of them sadly… Funny old world that it isn’t sometimes.

The moral of the story? Try hard to make sure your gas heating engineers are careful safe and honest. Don’t be a pile of warm but motionless smoking rubble – it can’t be much fun… Video might be doing well on You Tube though – typically….

30.3.15 Here’s another shocking explosion from NY via BBC News – this time the cause is unclear but the consequences are pretty bad – be interesting to find out how it happened after the gas was said to have been cut off….