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I came across this the other day about some guy getting arrested for an overdure library book in the USA recently – while trying to run for political office… Didn’t look too good I guess, but I wonder how many countries that might happen in elswhere…China? The Middle East…? Russia…? Who knows… Maybe the odd country would shoot you on the spot for it-  but not many hopefully ! (Okay I jest with the latter suggestion… Just taking it to an extreme like the State the guy got arrested in! Not that I think theft is okay of course… How long was it overdue for..? An ‘oops’ in that state… Will avoid borrowing any library books in that State if I’m ever  there just in case – being kind of forgetful! Maybe book borrowing went down there recently… ?


Meanwhile in little old England there was a rather different variation on the forgotten library book theme… A rather longer ‘forgot’ to return with a rather better result – the culprit pretty much got a party in his honour!…


The irony is of course, he didn’t pay full wack – and yet he got more back… :oO Maybe it was because it was because he had been a (wealthy) naughty little – old – school boy…. Oh to be in his shoes when I’m his age … Oh dear no forgotten library books to get a dinner out of from my old local village college :o(