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First is this kind of alarming story of a lady finding what looked to her like a cocoon of one of the most dangerous spiders on the planet on the side of one of a bunch of bananas bought from a Tesco supermarket…Thanks to the Huffington Post for this one:


If you read the story it becomes clear that the lady concerned wasn’t able to prove what it was. However you can understand the lady’s concern… Most bananas come from countries with more poisonous small creatures than in her home country of residence, the UK… She was wise to put the bananas in a sealable plastic container – but I’m not so sure about the freezer… ;o) several months down the road with a hangover – oh what’s this – nice banana cake – mmmmmm …. with a bit of lovely natural syrup from this thing hidden in the recipe:


Oh well, I’m sure she didn’t forget not that we might know if she did poor lady!
The most alarming bit of the report really has to be this from a man’s point of view is this part which I quote from the Huffington Post article:
“The bite of that spider can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms, including hours-long painful erections and death.” … Which doesn’t bear thinking about! Ooooh nooo… Not going to Brazil now on my holidays! Sorry Brazilian readers…!
Any other discoveries in your bananas do let me know… But not by post with any samples please ;o)

Story 2 of the day is an old one that popped up on the web from the Mirror Newspaper from the UK … Posted in June 2014 by Mirror Newspapers online the headline is this:

Retired US Marine claims he spent 17 years on MARS protecting five human colonies from Martians ….

Really? I mean I know the X-Files was full of some weird and farfetched sounding stuff but the story kind of sounds like it takes the biscuit… Especially as the Space Shuttle program got cut and the journey to Mars is not exactly one known to be especially quick time wise… ;o)

This article says it takes about 7 months…:


This article gives the journey time as about 5 to 10 months… – which at the around minimum distance of around 55,000,000 km from Earth isn’t much of a surprise…
Should we simply call the man in the article mad…? I don’t know but no doubt it helped the Mirror give some readers a bit of a giggle… Come back all you Mars colonists, there’s a bit more to see and do down here on earth unless NASA has been fibbing about what’s actually on the surface of that cold less than close by planet…

Well I hope you’ve found those too kind of funny to see in some way or other…. There always seems to be something weird around if you look hard enough, but if you don’t look you will miss most of it from what I’ve found… As I write I have been watching ‘UFO’s: The Secret Evidence’ on ‘More 4’ here in the UK – are there real aliens out there…? The reporter seems to think so and he thinks it won’t be long before they’re here more obviously by the sound of it…

Oh dear I feel the call of Star Bucks and a tasty macchiato to bring me down to earth again…


(And if any Starbucks exec’s reading want to give me a free few more for advertising it here – do email me please – I think they give me more cheer than reading weird funny Alien stories… Any banana recipes coming up for drinks at Starbucks… no don’t bother just now! :o) )