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Today I came across the following news item… It’s video of a ‘sink hole forming and how it ended up after its sudden, weird appearance seemingly out of the blue – in the middle of a city no less – in Northern Russia, some miles North East-ish of Moscow… It’s quite a dramatic thing to see. What’s extra weird about the article is that it doesn’t make it clear if anyone died or was lost or even injured, I’m not sure why. Maybe they were just luck there.. If there were houses previously where the hole appeared, any unfortunate occupants wouldn’t have had much chance at all… It seems to have happened during the hours of darkness – being maybe the cruellest of times, along with that bitter Siberian cold. The item is from the UK Telegraph online… Here is the video  in the article hopefully:


If this embeds okay the video may show up here directly:

Sinkhole forming video
Google maps put the location here on a map…Reading Russian might help a bit too!

These sink holes are a very scary phenomenon, which have been appearing certainly in the UK in recent years (some videos are on the Telegraph page this story is on for the UK too) and also I know in the USA and elsewhere… It seems while some geological trends for this are known and understood, that they aren’t entirely predictable. Sadly as well as not building on sand or maybe a swamp like unfortunately Christ Church New Zealand was, we have to hope that the places we live in are free from these… And have good home insurance! :o/ ;o)

Here’s a nice little article from Wikipedia on this surprising, scary subject…
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinkhole …. Which shows they can be effectively man made and man caused so to speak as well as a consequence of natural land problems etc…

I wonder how many poor souls minding their own business have just disappeared into these all of a sudden, when sleeping, walking, and working or even sunbathing in the garden? What an awful way to go! I know one poor guy disappeared in the USA in the last year or two while in bed poor man – and couldn’t be reached…
Presumably this can happen at sea too – might this explain occasional ships or boats sinking without trace…? If you know – do send me a message here please! Has this happened in the Bermuda triangle or elsewhere..? …. Thanks for reading…Until the next time, take care with avoiding those sinkholes if you can! (One more for the holiday check list? :o) )